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Mar 20, 2009

Dumb Ass Friday... Again

I am such a Dumb Ass!
Not long after I posted my last blog I got a call from Phoenix's school. They wanted to know why he hadn't been in school at all this week. I explained to them that I received a calendar at the end of last month showing what the kids would be served for lunch every day. On this calendar the week beginning March 16th and ending the 20th was blacked out and it said over the black days, "NO SCHOOL FOR SPRING BREAK"
I thought that meant he had no school this week. Am I truly stupid? Is that some kind of code I was supposed to interpret as, "Not this week, next week?" If I could find the thing I would take a picture of it and add it to this post. Or take it to the school and ask the principal what the fuck? But I can't find it, so I won't.
The secretary from his school said that the calendar was a mistake and they had sent home a new one. I asked what day they sent it and she told me it was sent home March 13th. I checked Phoenix's backpack and saw no such paper. Which, of course, does not mean he was not given the flier to bring home. It's very possible he lost it on the bus ride home.
I asked the woman why it wasn't sent in the Thursday folder. (See, it's this folder they send home every Thursday and whatever is inside the parents have to read and sign a paper showing they reviewed the enclosed material.) The woman said they were too busy to get it out one day earlier. I then asked her why they waited until Friday to find out why he was absent every day this week. She didn't really answer my question. Normally if Phoenix is absent and I forget to call they call me before school ends the same day.
I also asked her if any other children had been absent this whole week and she said, "Oh, a few."
Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? Now I look like the stupidest parent in the world and Phoenix has missed FIVE days of school in a row. Plus he has all next week off, for spring break of course, so he's having a two week vacation I guess.
I am so pissed off!
Now I know never to post my Dumb Ass Friday blog until the day is over.
Hey, if you have a story of when your kid's school has dropped the ball, please add it as a comment to this post. It will make me feel better to know that my son's school is not the only stupid one in the world. But I think we all know that it is, hands down, no contenders, the STUPIDEST of them all. Maybe there's a prize for that.
I should work on getting them nominated.

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