Things You Thought You Would NEVER Say...

Kale! If you eat another of your shirts I'm going to make you go without clothing.

Jun 16, 2011

Distraction News

Okay, okay...

So I've been neglecting my blogspot a little... well a lot.

The problem is that when the kids are home they stand over me every time I get onto the computer and rapid fire questions and comments at me until I get off said computer out of pure irritation.

Example: Right now Kale is standing to my right telling me about how awesome Minecraft is while Phoenix, left, is reading everything I'm typing.

Not distracting at all, really.

The kids are out of school now and I find myself extremely occupied every day. They want constant entertainment but I'm just used to being alone all day, so it's a change to have Kale attached to me 24/7 and Phoenix going more than 10 minutes without complaining about having to do homework.

Before school ended I went on two field trips. Phoenix's class went downtown to see all the historical stuff and Kale's class went to the aquarium. Thanks to the camera Tobi, technological guru and bringer of everything wonderful, gave me I took many, many, MANY pictures.

The Molly Brown house was awesome and my pictures of jellyfish turned out great.

Kale in the background: How much more longer till you're done? I want to play Minecraft!

Phoenix in the background: I called the computer first!

(Not distracting at all.)


Phoenix earned his bobcat badge in scouts and he's going to day camp starting the 20th. He's really excited.

Kale has actually made some progress with his anxieties and his psychologist is encouraged by his attitude.

Phoenix: Can I say that I'm bored while waiting for you to get off the computer?

Me: Only if you want to clean.

Kale: Can he clean my room?

(Nope, still not distracting.)

Yesterday I took the kids to work with me.

I have no idea what the hell I was thinking so don't ask.

While I was cleaning the upstairs Phoenix got into Amoo's desk and found her lighter. She called me this morning to inform me that he burned part of her desk. I gave him the talk about playing with fire, which made him cry, which made me feel like a monster for being mean to my son.

I think he won't do it again, he was really sorry and scared. Especially when I told him how Josh's twin sisters burned their whole house down at the age of 14 because they were playing with matches.

Kale followed me around the building trying to hack into every computer in the place, which is a lot, so I finally sent him downstairs to wait for me.

Big mistake.

When I came down Phoenix and Kale had scratches and bruises all over themselves because they had gotten into an argument and decided the best way to resolve said argument was utilizing the ancient and manly art of fisticuffs.

I'm telling you... It's hard to reprimand your kids when they are saying things like, "Phoenix sat on my face and farted," or "Kale scratched me inside my nostril."

Then they got into another fist fight while telling me how their brother had slighted their honor. While breaking up that second fight I burst into laughter and ruined the stern Mommy face.

Kale: Britt?

Me: What?

Kale: Are you done yet?

Phoenix: Does she look done to you?

Kale: Shut up!

Phoenix: No, you shut up!

Kale: Britt! Phoenix is annoying me... on purpose!

(I'm not distracted, I swear.)

I shall leave you now with these tantalizing words of wisdom.