Things You Thought You Would NEVER Say...

Kale! If you eat another of your shirts I'm going to make you go without clothing.

Dec 24, 2009


Today we opened all our presents because Dakota has to leave early tomorrow morning. It was a good year. With Phoenix and Kale we had to get them both identical gifts so they wouldn't be fighting to the death over some stupid toy.
They both got pewter dragon boxes, skeleton shirts, hot wheels cars, a bucket of Lego's, and a skeleton hoody that zips up over their faces like a costume. They also got the most adorable dress clothes. They looked so cute! Like little gentlemen.

Phoenix got a stuffed penguin with a gift card from his dad. We went to Target and he spent it all on Bionicles and Hot Wheels Cars.
I gave Kale a small stuffed rabbit because he was upset he hadn't gotten a stuffed animal too.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention the $500 Xbox and the two games to go with it.
Amoo made out like a bandit during a riot.
She got a Knotts Berry Farm pancake and preserves gift pack, two Harry Potter T-shirts, two Christmas pins, a package of glass icicles for her white tree, some fuzzy purple socks, a big can of Almond Roca, a snowman ornament that changes color when turned on, a coffee thermos for her endless addiction to hot chocolate, a custom made callendar, and the coup de gras... the book Hush Hush.

I got two pair of pajama bottoms, one red with penguins and the other black with neon green skeletons. I really needed those since I have none. (The dogs ate mine.) I also got a comfy long sleeved shirt, the cutest little dragon winged fairy holding a dragon hatchling, and the coolest organizer I have ever seen. It looks like a bunch of petri dishes stacked on top of each other and connected to a rotating holder thingie. It's perfect for all my beads and dremel pieces.
But my very favorite gift, well there were two, was the ornament Phoenix gave me with his picture on it and the welcome mat Kale gave me with a wreath made out of his hand prints and red dots for holly berries.
Without a doubt the best gifts I've ever received.
Dakota had some more presents at his dad's but this is what he got at our house.

From his mom he got a red t-shirt with some logo on it that makes him cool at school or something and three video games. Tomb Raider, Fallout 3, and Demon Souls.
From us he got a skeleton hoody and a two-headed dragon with an orb that changes color when turned on.

A strange note.
It was like Amoo was trying to go with a theme. Everyone but her got something with a skeleton and something with a dragon. Weird hun?
We are all anxious to see what Santa brings us tonight. I will try to remember to post tomorrow about his visit.
Later BD