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Feb 23, 2009

Blogger Templates

Okay, that's it!
Up with this shit I will not put!
Why in the hell can't I find a website with free blogger templates that don't suck? Pyzam has a few that are alright but if you use them all of your accessories and links disappear! My sister sent me to a website called "The cutest blog on the block" but they all sucked the big green weenie. (sorry Tobi but I am so not into the scrapbook look.) I want artsie in a deadly and dark sort of way type of layout.
Is that really too much to ask?


NovelTeaMommy said...

Lot's of cute, but a few other options that might interest you.

(Was killing my lunch hour exploring different blogs and linked over from Tobi's. Nice to meet ya : P )

Mammallama said...

BD read your damn comments... Thanks for the tip NovelTeaMommy.