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Feb 23, 2009

Chicken Enchiladas.

I couldn't get the camera before Amoo snagged her portion of dinner and dessert. Just imagine the missing pieces filled with similar looking substance.
Amoo requested that I make her enchiladas for dinner so I thought I would share this recipe with the world. It's so freakin' easy and so very yummy. Every warm, gooey bite sends a signal to my brain that says, 'happy, yummy, Mommy loves you goodness.'
My mom has made this for my family our entire life so I have always associated the taste with comfort and love.

The Easiest Enchiladas:

*Preheat oven to 350 Fahrenheit
*Spray 9x13 pan with Pam
*Boil five boneless skinless chicken breasts until thoroughly cooked ( about 2 hours on medium in lots of water )
*Drain chicken and shred the meat into a large mixing bowl
( if it doesn't shred it's not done cooking )
*Open two cans cream of chicken soup, one can full of sour cream (just fill one of the empty cans of soup with sour cream to measure) one small can of diced green chillies. Add all to the bowl of chicken and stir until blended.
*Place two heaping spoon fulls of mixture onto flour tortillas, roll and place in 9x13 pan.
*Pour one, (or two depending on how spicy you like it,) cans of mild green enchilada sauce over the rolled tortillas in pan.
*Sprinkle liberally with shredded cheddar cheese.
*Bake at 350 for 20 - 28 minutes, just long enough to warm it up.
*Serve with a smile and lots of laughter, (really it's the only way to do it properly.)

The best part of this dish is that it's great for parties where you know there's going to be people who can't stand hot Mexican food. But it's good enough to still appeal to the spicy food lovers, which I happen to be.
So, there it be.
It's loaded with fat and probably the main cause of clogged arteries in my family, but hot damn! It's so good.
Okay so you're probably asking yourself, "What's up with the chocolate cake?"
I originally made a yellow cake but for some reason it fell and burned because it was so thin. I'm like Bella's mom when it comes to cooking. Success is a random occurrence and half the time what I make is inedible. I still wanted cake for dessert so I made this chocolate one.


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Tobi said...

I add two cans of diced green chilis instead of one. I add half a soup can of milk to the mix. Then I dump about two cups of cheddar cheese on top about 15 minutes before the casserole is done baking. DELICIOUS!!

You chocolate cake looked good!