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May 1, 2008

The Table That Should Have Been Mine.

Turns out I still have Internet today so I'll add as much as I can.

Amoo has done something evil! She took the dining room table and painted it red to match the stars in the kitchen. The color on the outside of the can seemed to match. Then we opened it.

Holly shite! It wasn't the rusty red that the label showed. It was bright red! Like I just opened a vein and bled all over the table red. Like the lipstick on a Saigon whore red.

We thought it would be like any other paint and just dry a darker shade so we kept on painting.

Apparently rustoleum paint is different. It dried the same shade it was when we put it on. And it's glossy so it really looks like lipstick or nail polish.

In case you don't know this is what my room looks like.

I want the table and chairs. They want to be in my room, they need to be in my room. I must have them.
Don't you think so too? I even have a black table cloth that is round and has spider web shapes in the lace. It belongs in my room.
But she won't let me have them, the evil witch. She loves the color it turned out, even if it doesn't match the kitchen, and she's determined to keep them.
Damn you woman!


Mammallama said...

The saigon whore lipstick red table and chairs are mine, mine I say, mine. Do not mess with the mother!!

Sarah said...

Whoa....that's red! Why didn't she just paint it purple to stake her claim with finality?Than it would be forever hers!

Tobi said...

Maybe you should call it "I'm not really a waitress" red. Cause man that is some serious me love you long time red!!