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May 1, 2008

My poor boy.

Phoenix is sick again.

The poor little guy. He's had the worst year for illnesses. And why?


All those kids just love to share their germs with everyone and they always seem to hit Phoenix the hardest.

His allergies screw with his asthma and his asthma makes his allergies worse. When they work together like that he gets an ear infection. He's had two in the past four months and if he gets another one the doctors want to tube both his ears.

This is not good for him. The summer is just starting and Phoenix lives in water when it's hot. Any restrictions put on that part of his recreation will make him very unhappy.

At least his ears don't hurt yet. Yes I did just knock on wood.

He's just got a bad cough and a fever. I gave him some cough medicine his doctor prescribed. It has codeine in it and he hates the taste.

I took a sip to prove to him that it wasn't poison. It took every ounce of willpower I have to keep from spitting it out. I even had to keep my face strait and pushed out a 'yummy' in an attempt to show him how good it was.

After forcing it down he said he would rather lick the toilet than take any more of that medicine.

The good thing is it works. About half an hour after he took it he came to me and said he felt a lot better. I looked at his glossy eyes and vacant expression and realized he was stoned. Hey, at least his head and throat don't hurt anymore.

It's kind of sad though to see him floating around the house with that funny look on his face. Every time I look at him I hear that Bob Marley song in my head:

"Don't worry... about a thing... cause every little thing... is gonna be alright."

Poor little man. It feels so wrong to have my five year old taking opiates every four hours.

We have discovered one other thing that makes him feel better.

Guitar hero III.

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