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Oct 9, 2009

I am a Dumb Ass!

On Wednesday I went to work. I was at the second building when I fell. There are no street lights around that place and I have to use a flashlight to see my way into the building. I think my flashlight needs new batteries because it was very dim. The lack of light ensured that I couldn't see the crack in the pavement that I tripped over. I landed on one of those metal girders that they use for the frames of skyscrapers. It hurt like a mother trucker.
The next morning I went to the E.R. and found out I had broken a small piece of my wrist bone off. They put me in a splint because they don't give you a cast right away anymore. I guess the swelling can cut off the circulation to your fingers and can cause tissue damage. In short, they would have to cut off my dead fingers.
So in a week I have to go to my doctor where they will decide if I need a cast or if they want to just keep me in the splint.
I planned on writing more but it's extremely hard to type with one hand so I'll have to continue this another time.
I had to put a soft sock under the splint because it was rubbing off my skin.


Sarah said...

that's one fancy sock, mom's gonna kill you when she sees what you're doing to her precious'

Tobi said...

I'm sorry about your wrist. But the story is just so classic Brittany. Have you noticed your the only person in our family who has broken bones? I believe your broke a brick with your head once too. =)

Mammallama said...

Sarah is right. Stop mac in on my sox