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Jun 16, 2009

Mr. Fix-it-and-I'll-kill-you.

Living in a house hold with no adult men has taught me that sometimes you just need a knowledgeable man to fix certain things.
It has also taught me that none of my male relatives living in Colorado should be the ones you call for the fixing.
Our ice machine wasn't making ice anymore so we shut off the water valve under the sink and bought our own ice. Josh came over one day and said he 'fixed it.' Two days later the leaking water had seeped down through the floor to the laundry room. After much tinkering I got it to shut off again. He had unscrewed the valve so far that the threads of the thing couldn't catch to tighten anymore.
Our computer had windows vista.
I hated it. Our computer was slow as hell and certain programs wouldn't work, depending on the user. Sounds weird right? It's true.
For example: Amoo couldn't get Internet explorer to work on her profile, but it worked for everyone else. We had a guest profile for the kids and the parental controls wouldn't let them view anything on the Internet, no matter how much I fiddled with the settings. We had to create a completely new profile for them. MP3 rocket wouldn't connect on my profile, but it worked for everyone else.
It was a pain in the ass, but we worked around it to the best of our abilities.
Robert came over last Saturday and was 'fixing' the computer for like four hours. I've never really gotten along with the man so I spent the whole day avoiding him. For some reason, which only makes sense to him, he deleted EVERYTHING off our computer, even windows vista and installed some version of windows XP. Amoo says she saved everything on some file somewhere, but I really can't find it.
It's like buying a new computer. I've spent the last couple days searching for Phoenix and Kale's websites to put them on favorites, which is the only way they know how to use the Internet. Today is the first time I've used the computer for myself since 'the great cleaning of the slate' and I am less than amused. Half the websites I use constantly tell me I have an outdated version of Internet explorer and need to download a newer version. When I try doing that it sits there for 45 minutes doing NOTHING, until I have to shut it all down with Ctrl, Alt, Delete.
Makes me miss the windows vista drama. It was screwed up, yes. But at least I could work around the crap. I knew what worked and what didn't.
Like a crappy car. Yes you have to use the janky light switch to turn on the heater, but at least I know where the hell the switch is!
Amoo has requested that I stop bitching about the computer. And now that I've gotten it all out, I'm done.
So there! Neener, neener, neener!


Mammallama said...

So wait, I don't get to be pissed but you do????
Some life huh?

Tobi said...

Stop the insanity. But first stop letting Robert touch your computer. I hope you find all your missing files.